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Monday, April 30, 2018 by The eFax Team

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It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time when same-day shipping was really expensive. Doctor house calls were considered a thing of the past. And the easiest way to send money was to mail a check or make a bank deposit.

Thankfully, technology has changed all that.

Today, we can buy groceries online and receive them within the hour. We can shop multiple retailers from the comfort of our homes and offices. And we can send faxes from our cell phones. Not only have we seen major changes to the way we navigate the world, but there’s also been a major shift in the way we engage with it.

Let’s explore five life-changing online services and apps that have moved the cultural and technological dial forward.

1. eFax

Occasionally in life there are those transformative moments that change the way we see and understand the world. In the 1970s, it was the fax machine. Not only did the fax machine disrupt the way the world saw and understood data transmission, but it created the standard-bearer for doing business in the 20th century and beyond.

Less than three decades later, fax apps have brought a new level of disruption to data transmission, and for the first time in history, it’s now possible to fax a document over the internet.

Looking back on the dramatic rise of the traditional fax machine, it’s no wonder that fax technology has shifted so quickly from the hulking fax machines of yesteryear to the streamlined smartphones of today. And thanks to online fax services like eFax, digital faxing has now surpassed the traditional fax machine in terms of speed and efficiency.

What’s so revolutionary about eFax is that it gives you a variety of ways to send and read your faxes online. No more standing around in front of a fax machine waiting to send an important fax or loading a large document (one page at a time) into your fax machine while others stand around waiting for you to finish.

eFax makes faxing your document as easy as sending regular email. Simply, attach your document to a new email message and press send. eFax will work in minutes to convert and send your faxed document on its way—no fax lines, no wait lines and no inconvenience.

2. Lyft

Long gone are the days when you needed a car to survive. Thanks to ride sharing apps like Lyft, we all have access to a convenient, affordable, on-demand car service.

What’s great about Lyft is that it works entirely around your timetable. You can schedule an immediate pickup location or set a future pickup date and time—the choice is yours. What’s more, you can read your driver’s reviews before taking your journey, and then leave a performance rating once your trip is over.

3. Heal

Heal is a smartphone app that lets patients get a house call rather than go to the doctor. Dr. Renee Dua, founder and chief medical officer, explains, “When you’re sick or when you’re well, Heal was created to make it easy and affordable to see a great doctor on your schedule.”

With Heal, you can choose a doctor and appointment time that fits your schedule, so you never have to feel rushed when seeking treatment. Appointments typically last around 30 minutes; however, there is no set minimum or maximum appointment length. This is done to ensure that you always receive the quality of care that you deserve.

What’s nice about Heal is the simple pricing structure. If you have insurance, you typically pay only your co-pay (but no more than $99). Patients without insurance pay a flat rate of $99. So, you can see a doctor in your home without being hit with surprise fees.

4. Amazon Prime Now

With a huge selection of “everyday essentials” eligible for same-day delivery, Amazon Prime Now makes ordering items online easier, faster and more convenient than ever.

And that’s why Amazon Prime Now is a game-changer for shoppers. You can literally make an online retailer—one online retailer—your primary source for all your shopping needs. If you can get groceries and household items in less time than it takes to get in your car and drive to the store, why not order everything online? It certainly makes sense, particularly when time is money.

5. YouTube

It used to be that the term “branding” was synonymous with large-scale corporations, particularly those with big cash piles to spend on advertising.

Today, social media platforms like YouTube are closing the gap on brand identity—and who can create it. In just the click of a button, a person can go from anonymity to personal brand.

And that’s what makes YouTube great. You don’t need big cash piles to create content and build a prescribed image in the minds of your subscribers. All you need is good content (that’s delivered consistently).

Think of it. You can literally build a commercially viable brand (and earn money) doing something as simple as creating three-minute makeup or video game tutorials. Or if you have expertise in a particular field—like flipping houses for profit—you could build your personal brand around that. Talk about taking your interests to the next level!

The Power of Online Services and Apps

Whether an online service or app makes getting “everyday essentials” a breeze or offers a platform to broadcast your personal brand to new audiences, it’s hard to ignore the value of innovative technology in today’s world. So explore these and other game-changing online services and apps, and see how they help you to live your life in a different way.


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