6 Best Small Biz Blogs to Follow

Friday, May 25, 2018 by The eFax Team

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Blogs written specifically for small business owners – and the challenges they face – can serve as a valuable lifeline to new and established entrepreneurs and small business owners. The best blogs will provide expert insight, industry support, and a behind-the-scenes look at proven business models for startups and small businesses. To encourage small business owners to stay connected, we’ve compiled a list of the six best small business blogs to follow.

1. Business News Daily

Business News Daily is where you go to find helpful information about starting or growing a small business. A great example of what a well-designed blog should be, it offers a collection of comprehensive solutions to everyday financial, marketing and HR challenges. Think of it as the “ultimate guide” to running a small business. But there’s more to this site than just startup basics and business ideas. It serves up plenty of inspiration, too. Browse the success stories for a pick me up after a setback, or just to read about other small business owners putting their passions to work.

2. Small Business Trends

Keeping current with business trends is extremely important. But not all small business owners have a clear understanding of which technologies and management strategies to turn to for sustained growth. Small Business Trends is meeting a need for this type of information and research. There’s also a Resource Center with an extensive collection of free, in-depth guides, whitepapers, quizzes and other business tools.

3. Moz Blog

Moz Blog is an SEO and inbound marketing blog that “seeks to simplify SEO for everyone.” In addition to producing some of the best marketing content on the web, Moz Blog offers free SEO tools, online workshops and expert guides on various business topics. If you want to know how to get your small business on the map, or better yet, on the road to achieving market domination, then this is the SEO and inbound marketing blog to follow in 2018. Be sure to check out an episode of the long-running and hugely popular video series, Whiteboard Friday.

4. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is all about data – more precisely, how to harness the power of social media, SEO and Google Adwords to effectively drive traffic to your small business. What’s great about this blog is that its content is quite varied. If nothing else, it will inspire you to think more strategically about your online presence – and how to expand it.

5. Small Business Administration

One of the more comprehensive small business blogs out there, the Small Business Administration Blog is a must-read for small business owners seeking to “plan, start or grow their business.” From marketing tactics to funding programs, this cutting-edge blog comprises the topics you need to know to be successful in business. Published posts are updated as industry regulations shift and best practices evolve over time.

6. Wise Bread

Wise Bread helps small business owners make smarter budgeting decisions. There’s an entrepreneurship sub-channel that delivers forward-looking information on how to get your new business off the ground. Currently, blog topics range from The 4 Best States to Start a New Business In to 4 Signs You Should Sell Your Small Business and What Small Business Owners Can Learn from Top Forbes Entrepreneurs. What’s more, there’s plenty of information on tax preparation, business credit, and finances. Final word? Wise Bread is a “one stop shop” budgeting blog for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking good, conversational content.

Connect with the World Around You

A “good” business blog lets you stay connected with the world around you. Bloggers show a personal side to their business or industry, and readers stay connected to significant events and changes happening within the business world.

More than this, business blogs offer valuable insight into the challenges facing small business owners – for instance, how to set up a home-based business, how to fax a document without a fax machine, and how to create a sustainable business budget in year one and beyond.  

Of course, anyone can write about the benefits of online faxing. But when a blogger shapes the information from the perspective of a small business owner – who’s perhaps desperate to keep costs down or reduce paper waste – then an otherwise simple blog post about online faxing is transformed into a must-read small business tool.


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