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Monday, May 14, 2018 by The eFax Team

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Imagine you’re in the race of your life. Everything you’ve worked hard to achieve is on the line. The pressure to win is rising.

But as you approach the finish line something strange happens: it disappears!

For many entrepreneurs, crossing the threshold to success can feel like a race to a finish line that keeps shifting. The closer you get to it, the further away it moves.  

“There used to be a time when a $1 billion valuation was considered a massive success for tech startups,” observed Eugene Kim and Matt Rosoff of Business Insider.

Today, that figure has risen to $10 billion, and continues to climb, according to a recent analysis by The Wall Street Journal.

But rather than focusing on winning the startup race with billion-dollar valuations, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, or startup professionals anywhere, can add value faster by maximizing the response time of their business communication. 

The Need for Speed

Jeff Lerner, Owner and CEO of Xurli, says, "In a world where everything is moving so rapidly, simply being fast isn't enough; you have to be faster than anyone and everyone. Accelerate until you're at the front and move fast to stay there."

Tech startups have the chance to accelerate the way they share documents, particularly where fax transmissions are concerned. 

By eliminating the problems typically associated with fax technology – e.g., slow fax times and communication errors – online faxing lets you execute projects faster, finalize the purchase of capital in fewer steps, and manage accounts from a distance. 

What’s more, you can conquer tedious administrative tasks – distributing information outside the office, reporting expenses, or helping investors with documentation – without the logistics and costs associated with printing, scanning, and faxing documents the old-fashioned way.

What is Online Faxing?

As business communication trends shift toward cloud computing, startups looking to scale geographically or across verticals can turn to online faxing as a faster way to deliver important documents.

Unlike a traditional fax machine, which relies on a 24/7 fax line to transmit data, online faxing works independently of your analog devices, allowing your faxes to transmit electronically over the internet without the need for a residential phone or business phone system.

Cloud faxing is now considered the fastest and smartest way to get fax service. Startups still in the bootstrapping phase of their development particularly benefit from the affordability and flexibility of free fax apps.

Create a Mobile Work Station

The key innovation behind online faxing is technology that lets you send and read faxes whether you’re at the office or away from your desk.

Anyone who’s ever raised venture capital financing knows that time is always running out, and there’s continually new documentation to send or receive. Staying plugged in to the activity of your investors and executive team is the best way to increase responsiveness during key stages of funding, while simultaneously retaining control over the flow of your documentation.

Online faxing lets you coordinate the process of moving important documentation back and forth between your company and investors without losing valuable time. And that is one threshold that every startup needs to cross in order to stay competitive in the startup race.

Get Started Today

Online fax service providers such as eFax offer usage-based plans that let you fax via the internet. The fax software integrates easily into your existing communication infrastructure, and is accessible from any internet-connected device, including your smartphone or tablet.

If you’re nervous about integrating a fax app into your existing communication infrastructure, consider sending your faxes via email or with eFax Messenger.

A digital-first approach to faxing makes it easy to accelerate growth by sharing important documents faster and fully supporting the administrative needs of your business from any internet-enabled device.

The race is on! Set up an account with eFax and begin adding value to your startup today!


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